Black women and sexual health leads to happiness


To dig deep into black women’s sexual health requires us to admit that resources and research are simply not there.

As a result, a reimagined view is in order: How and where do we begin? With black women talking with other black women about their health? There’s only one way to gather information about our bodies, experiences, and sexualities — and that’s through conversation.


Four women shared their thoughts on what it means to stay sexually healthy. With everything that was discussed, sexual health turns into something more than just clinical. It’s not about going to the doctor and making sure we know our statuses. It’s about our overall wellbeing.

There are several things these women talked about that were very important. These women are queer, black, and from different places in the world. They challenged themselves to investigate what sexual health IS for black women today. How can we create community with each other? How can we care for each other and inform one another on how to take care of our bodies?

Here are their stories.

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